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Create an ORCID ID to make your research more visible! Affiliate your ORCID with VCU to make it easier for colleagues to find your publications! This guide talks about how and why to set up your ORCID.

Why ORCID and training grants?

Names are hard for computers, and ORCIDs enable computers to identify individual researchers for purposes of integrating technology systems. As a result, last year the NIH started to require ORCIDs for training and other research education grants due to its value in supporting the technology infrastructure needed to track long-term outcomes. 


ORCID and biosketches

ORCIDs make it easier for you to curate and integrate your publications in a way computers understand. However, you do not have to use ORCID to create an NSF Biosketch under the new rules! ORCIDs are just a way to integrate across platforms. You can create a sciENcv Biosketch without using your ORCID. If you want to create an NSF Biosketch under the 2020 PAPPG process, see dias/policy/biosketch.jsp for a list of resources from the NSF. 

If you have difficulty with SciENcv, try the NSF's forms to:

Links to videos and resources

There are many detailed help pages and videos on the ORCID/SciENcv integration process. Here are some of the best:

Handouts and guides from other institutions

Looking for different approaches to walkthroughs? Here are some other institutions' approaches to walking you through ORCID, my NCBI, and SciENcv.