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PADM 689: Capstone Projects, Spring 2018

Resource Sites

This project involves assisting the county in managing and disseminating county agency and community partner information. The links below are to examples of existing databases showing varying types of information and displays of that information.

 Of particular interest may be Building Successful Neighborhoods and Revitalizing Distressed Older Suburbs.

Finding Articles and Research Reports

The following VCU Libraries databases should be of use in finding articles on community enhancement in general, and on community partnerships in particular.

Start with vocabulary derived from your conversations with the county and from the Urban Institute reports described above. Sample search strings are listed below:

"community revitalization" OR "community redevelopment" OR "community enhancement"

"distressed communit*" OR "distressed propert*" OR "distressed neighborhood"


Think tanks collectively study virtually all issues of any importance to policymakers. This customized Google search produces results from only think tanks. Think tank reports can be excellent sources of background information and they often will be sources of both sides of an issue.