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Painting and Printmaking

This guide provides an overview of tools and basics for conducting library research in Painting and Printmaking.


Use these call numbers to browse for books at the Cabell Library:

NE 1-3002 -- Print Media

NE 1-978 -- Printmaking and Engraving

NE 218-330 -- Engraved portraits. Self-portraits

NE 380 -- Conservation and Restoration of prints

NE 400-773 -- History of Printmaking

NE 1000-1352 -- Wood Engraving

NE 1400-1879 -- Metal Engraving

NE 1940-2232.5 -- Etching and Aquatint

NE 2236-2240.6 -- Serigraphy

NE 2242-2246 -- Monotype (Printmaking)

NE2250-2570 -- Lithography


History of Printmaking

Techniques of Printmaking

Featured DVDs of Printmaking

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