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Audio Project (Podcast) Production Guide

Audio Project Guide



This guide will walk you through making a project using spoken word audio. Many of these projects could be called a 'podcast.' A podcast, more specifically, is a series of digital audio files, often focused on a particular topic or theme, that is posted on the Internet for you to download and listen. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating your own podcast (or audio production) from planning to publishing.



Brainstorm a name, topic and format
  • Consider what is the premise, who is the audience, what is the format of your podcast?
  • Plan the specifics of each episode


Prepare interview questions or audio script

  • If you're interviewing a guest, research them and decide on at least 15 questions to ask
  • If the podcast is narrative, draft an audio script


Assemble your equipment

  • Borrow equipment from The Workshop - equipment is loaned for three days, with one renewal, for a total of six days
  • Or attend an orientation to be able to use the audio studio


Record all original audio
  • Record your interviews or the body of your audio script
  • Then record your intros and outros and any transitions between segments


Record or download additional assets
  • Find properly licensed music to set the mood of your audio project
  • Use sound effects to add aural texture


Edit audio
  • Use Reaper or Adobe Audition to edit together all of your media
  • Use LinkedIn Learning to learn a new audio editing program


Upload podcast to Soundcloud or other hosting platform
  • Soundcloud is a free platform for hosting audio files
  • Most professional podcasts use paid platforms, like Libsyn
  • Try to get your podcast on iTunes for a wider listener base


Promote your project
  • Make a website, twitter, etc for your podcast
  • Ask people who listen to write reviews