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SEDP 330: Survey of Special Education

Search Term Examples

Enclose phrases (two or more words) in quotation marks

  • [name of condition]
  • "chronic illness"
  • "congenital impairments"
  • "academic accommodations"
  • "access to education"
  • implications
  • inclusion
  • "inclusive classrooms"
  • mainstreaming
  • "regular and special education relationship"
  • "special education"

Be sure to select PEER-REVIEWED  in ERIC and PsycINFO before you submit your search in order to limit the results to peer-reviewed articles. In Education Research Complete, choose SCHOLARLY (PEER REVIEWED) JOURNALS after you run the search and have results. You will see the option to the left of the results.


Educational/Instructional Implications

Laws and regulations are in Special Ed Connection (link below). Select Stats/Regs to see links to public laws and federal regulations, e.g., IDEA, ADA.


Professional Organizations:
Search Google using one or more of the following:

"special education" "professional association"

disabilities "professional association"

[name of condition] "professional association

Support Organizations:
Try either or both of the following

1. Look for a Resources or Organizations link at the MedlinePlus and KidsHealth sites listed above in the Disabilities/Disorders/Conditions box.

2. Construct a Google search like this: [name of condition] 

After landing at an organization site, look for links such as About; What We Do; Mission Statement; History.