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Survey Data

American National Election Studies (ANES)  High quality data on voting, public opinion, political participation for social scientists, teachers, students, policy makers, journalists wanting to understand the theoretical/empirical foundations of national election outcomes.

Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)  Access data on religion including American and international collections that have been submitted by the foremost religion scholars and research centers in the world.

General Social Survey (GSS)  NORC conducts basic scientific research on the structure and development of American society and has tracked the opinions of Americans over the last four decades. The data collection program designed to both monitor social change within the United States and to compare the United States to other nations.

Integrated Public Use Micro Data Series (IPUMS)  The Minnesota Population Center is one of the world's leading developers of demographic data resources. All MPC population data are available free over the internet.

Panel Study of Income Dynamics  The longest running panel study on the dynamic aspects of family economics, demography, and health. Data have been collected since 1968 on a representative sample of U.S. individuals and the families in which they reside.


SDA: Survey Documentation and Analysis    SDA is a set of programs for the documentation and Web-based analysis of survey data. The SDA Archive includes several datasets, including the General Social Survey (GSS) and the American National Election Study (ANES).


Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN)   Provides demographic media (user guides, web sites, and hands-on materials)  that make U.S. census data accessible to policymakers, educators, the media, and informed citizens.