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Video Project Guide

What is a video project?

Video Project Guide

How to plan, record, find and edit a video

How do I make a video project?

This guide is designed to give you an overview for creating a video project assigned in one of your classes (i.e. UNIV 112, HPEX 397, etc). This overview is not specific to any particular course, so please make sure to check the requirements for your project assignment. You might also want to check out the research guide in your specific field for additional resources, which can be accessed through the library website.

The production process

Video production can be thought of has having three phases:

  • Pre-Production (Planning) - creating a concept and preparing a plan for your video.
  • Production (Shooting) - recording all the materials you need to make your video. 
  • Post-Production (Editing) - gathering any additional materials and assembling your final video. 

We will go through each of these phases in more detail in the following sections.