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  Try some of these search terms to get started:

World Music

World Music - History and criticism

World Music - Social and race


Folk Music - country name:
e.g. Folk Music - Ireland

Popular Music - country name: 
e.g. Popular Music - Maylasia

Music - ethnic group:
e.g. American Indians music; Lakota Indians music; Celtic music

Music style or genre: 
e.g. Salsa, Jazz, Rap

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World Music Subjects and Terms for Searches

See the Music Research Guide for general tips on music searching.

Musical instrument instruction books and method series are found under the name of the instrument, with -- Instruction and Study added.

Terminology for world music description varies.  You may need to use multiple terms for thorough research.

Subject terms for ethnic, national, and cultural traditions use the country name, geographic region, and ethnic tradition.  Example:  for Cuban music

Also try these keywords:  Cuban, Latin American, Caribbean, Timba, Havana (Cuba), Latino, Hispanic, Spanish