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Data Management Bootcamp March 9-10, 2016

Data management is an important topic for researchers and scholars across domains, especially as funding agencies increasingly require submission of data management plans with grant proposals. These new requirements encourage researchers to plan ahead for data management and sharing and help to promote practices that facilitate reproducible research, data use and reuse and interoperability among distributed systems.

March 9 will be a full-day workshop covering the basics of data management from 9 am to 4:15 pm. Register here.

On March 10, there will be a series of workshops. Register for each workshop separately.

  • Open Refine for cleaning up spreadsheets, 9 am to 10 am. Register here.
  • R from Scratch shows some basics of using R for analysis and visualization. 10:15 am to 11:15 am. Register here.
  • DMPTool provides templates for writing data management plans for grants. 11:30 am to 12:15 pm. Register here.

We will also offer R workshops later in March.

Please email Margaret Henderson if you wish to receive an email when registration opens up.


What RDM at VCU Libraries Can Do For You.

Let us help you with all your data management needs:

  • Help you write Data Management & Sharing Plans as required by many grants, or you can use our customized DMPTool.
  • Teach a workshop so your research team or students know how to organize and manage data.
  • Connect you with other VCU groups that can help with the storage, security, and analysis of your data. You can also look in the Research Navigator for VCU resources.
  • Help you deposit your data in Scholars Compass for sharing and public access or assist you in identifying data repositories to preserve and share your data.
  • Help with metadata and documentation to make your data searchable and assure you are credited.

Taking Care of Your Data

If you start planning early you can save time later when your data is easy to find, use, analyze, and share with your collaborators.

  • Proper storage and backups help prevent data loss.
  • Some funders require a data management plan. The DMPTool will make sure you include everything in the requirements.
  • Some journals now require data to be deposited and made available in a repository.
  • Storing your data with proper documentation will make sure others can discover and build on your research and you will get credit when others use your data.

Unlimited Storage on Google Drive for VCU Faculty and Staff

Google Drive (part of Google Apps for Education provided by VCU to staff and faculty) can be used to store non-sensitive data and some sensitive data (see Allowable Data box on Google Drive page )  Faculty and staff at VCU have unlimited storage but it is important to be careful about what you store and how you set up your files. Read more on allowable data and how to secure your files and folders.