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Providing Public Access to Data

These are just some of the repositories that can be used to provide funder mandated Public Access to the digital data that supports your papers. Please contact the Research Data Management Team at

Organizing your Data for Sharing

Even if you deposit your data, it is a good idea to keep your article pdf, doc*, and data together in a folder.

The Readme file should have all the background information about the data so anyone who looks at the data can figure out how you analyzed it to get your results (more in Organizing and Documenting Your Data). This is part of the Rigor and Reproducibility policy the NIH is promoting.

This is how your folder might look in your computer files:

Folder with accepted MS and a subfolder with related files and a README document

You can use a similar organization in Google Drive:

*Keep the final peer-reviewed manuscript in case you need to deposit it for public access, not all publishers remember to deposit articles, even if you have indicated you are grant funded (see Compliance Research Guide for more).