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FASH 401- Design II Studio: Tutto Bianco

Tutto Bianco

Tutto Bianco (Everything White in Italian) was a collaboration between multiple VCUarts disciplines
on the use of the color white in art and design.

White Color Research Tips

How to search for information on the use and meaning of the color white

1. Find books about color theory in VCU Libraries Search.
Limit the results to Material Type=Books, Show Only=Access Full Text to find ebooks.
Use the search within results feature with the keyword "white"

2. Use keywords to search for references to the color white in​​
Google Books and article databases like Art Full Text, Design and Applied Arts and Berg Fashion Library:

Color white + discipline (e.g art, design or fashion) OR subject (e.g. meaning, symbolism or history)
Example: Color white in art

Books on the Color White