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VCU Libraries are a great resource for course materials. Our materials are freely available to faculty and students and they cover a wide breadth of content, from books to films and a lot in between. Some books in our collection are unlimited access ebooks, which means that an unlimited number of users can access the book simultaneously.  These books often also allow printing and other properties that make them useful to students.  If you have questions about unlimited access ebooks, please contact the Open Educational Resources Librarian.

Take advantage of the library collections for your courses:

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

The VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal helps faculty find ebooks that can be used as course materials. Faculty can select from over 200,000 open access or unlimited access ebooks, some of which are readily available and otherwise which can be purchased on behalf of faculty. 

Faculty can preview the full-text and request the purchase of additional ebooks by logging in using their VCU credentials:

Please note that the portal contains ebooks, such as monographs and edited volumes, rather than volumes which might traditionally be considered textbooks, such as a standard "Introduction to Algebra" textbook.