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Library Services for VCU Alumni

Why Do I Lose Access

Most of the licensing agreements with the publishers/vendors of the journals and databases we subscribe to require that remote access be limited to current students and faculty.

When Do Students, Faculty & Staff Lose Access to VCU Libraries Resources


You usually lose access shortly after graduation. VCU changes student status from 'student' to "former student' on a scheduled basis, and VCU Libraries uses student status to restrict access to current students.

Alumni may register online to borrow books, CDs and DVDs from VCU Libraries. This page outlines borrowing privileges for Community and Friends of VCU Libraries, which includes Alumni. 

NOTE: Students who are employees are exceptions; there should be no lapse in access.

Faculty and Staff

You usually lose access the day you are no longer on the VCU payroll. VCU changes faculty or employee status to 'former faculty' or 'former employee,' and VCU uses faculty or employee status to restrict access to current faculty and employees.

NOTE: Retired faculty and emeritus faculty are exceptions as access can continue provided your school/department enters you into the VCU Affiliate database.