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PADM 691: Social Equity, COVID-19, and The Commonwealth of Virginia

Education Problem

Consider this possible solution addressing equity in K-12 education during COVID-19. Posit that two problems might be solved in one, by engaging college students to tutor K-12 student over the summer, to help make up the work they may have missed, and give them individualized attention to help with any gaps they may have going forward. Where to start?

In education databases, you might search for terms like:

  • education outcomes tutoring 
  • college student tutoring K-12 (or elementary, or middle school or high school)
  • combining search terms with children of color (or african american children or black children)

Are There Tangents?

What other tangents are affected by this solution? There are mental health aspects of tutoring, both on the tutor's side (occupation, doing good in the world, etc) and the tutoree (better education leads to better health outcomes in general, mental health improvements, etc). Also, tutors that are paid helps in a business sense (college students with jobs having improved outcomes for physical and mental health). So where to look for those topics?