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NIH Data Sharing - coming 2023

This guide includes resources for the new/forthcoming NIH data management and sharing policy. The policy becomes effective January 25, 2023. This guide will highlight some topics to plan for as we adapt to the data sharing "culture change" in NIH grants.

Nina Exner, PhD, MLS

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Nina Exner
Nina Exner, Research Data Librarian
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Looking for NIH resources? Visit the NIH's data sharing website,, for updates and links.

For more details, see links to the policy and supplements:


And in June 2022: the videos have updated! Video series has added Module 2 on the Data Management and Sharing Plan, with detailed discussion of the 6 elements in the DMS Plan. Visit the Video Series tab on the left for the new video playlist.

Opportunities for more support and information will be added here as it becomes available. See these updates directly from the NIH:


Data sharing plans are subject to all appropriate limitations such as policies, intellectual property concerns, and ethical practices. Some relevant policies include:

If you work with human subjects data, you may also want to consider this NIH resource on informed consent for Future Use and/or Sharing. Always be sure you share within the terms of your consent forms.

Looking for local advice or training customized to your VCU team? We're available to help! Contact data librarian Nina Exner or your subject expert librarian to arrange it.

For more detailed information on specific parts of the NIH DMS Policy such as the DMS Plan, see the tabs to the left of this page. Do you need a template to guide you through the DMSP format? Visit for a walkthrough of the DMSP document sections!