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Health Equity

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Health Disparities Centers

Advances in Health Disparities
Research in the field of Health Disparities at VCU is spearheaded by Dr Wally Smith, M.D. and Steven H. Woolf, M.D., M.P.H.

VCU Center on Health Disparities
The VCU Health System, VCU Department of Epidemiology and Community Health and the School of World Studies are actively involved with the Center on Health Disparities. VCU Center on Health Disparities serves as a coordinating body to enhance a diverse and culturally aware environment in the VCU Health System with key goals of supporting the identification and elimination of disparities. Established in December 2005 under the leadership of Dr Wally Smith, M.D. chair of the Division of Quality Health Care. The Center develops and facilitates research, education, access to health care services and workforce diversity initiatives that will reduce health disparities in populations in Virginia.

Other Health Disparities Centers (pdf)