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FASH 250: Concepts of Fashion Merchandising Environment

Find a Public Fashion Company

Research Tip: 

Find out if the company you're interested in is publicly traded using the resources below.

  1. Lookup a company by name to see if it's publicly traded:
  2. Browse apparel companies that are publicly traded:

  • Look up a company by name to see if it's publicly traded. Note: in DJF, public companies are 'listed' vs private which are 'unlisted'

NOTE: This database includes major companies and mid-size firms,
it should not be used to search for small companies or local firms.

To search for a company:

  1. Click on 'Research a Company'

  2. Search by 'Company Name'

  3. If a company is public, its ticker name will be listed. Otherwise, it will say 'Private'.