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Convert Video Formats

This guide will help you understand digital video formats and convert them to suit your needs.

Converting Video Formats

Media conversion software, or transcoders, come in all shapes and sizes. Many are free, many are cross-platform. Some will only import certain formats, while others may have limited output options. Some will handle batch processing and others offer editing options.  

On this page are video examples of how to convert video file formats and how to rip a DVD using Format Factory, one of the many free transcoders available for Windows.

When converting video from one format to another, it is essential to note the following three settings:

  • Bitrate - Basically, this is how fast data travels between the file and the screen, and also the setting most responsible for quality.
  • Pixel dimension - This is the length and width of the video in pixels.
  • Frame rate - How many frames per second the video will deliver.

Refer to the glossary on the left as a guide for these settings.

Converting Video Formats Using Format Factory

Ripping DVD Clips Using Format Factory