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Use our reservation system to reserve a room for up to 2 hours, and check out our floor maps to see where the study rooms are located.

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If Using The Monitors With a Keypad

Follow these instructions if you are in one of our study rooms with a keypad and the monitor only has HDMI and display port adapters.

  1. Turning the monitor on - Press the ON button on the keypad beside the monitor. Make sure the power light stays red. 
  2. Plug your computer in using the cable at the table -  If your computer has an HDMI port, plug the HDMI cable in (if available). If not, try one of the adapters on the table. Plug the adapter into your computer. Then connect the other end of the adapter to the HDMI cable. 
  3. Adjust the volume as needed - Press the volume up or down using the keypad. 

No video or audio?

What If There's No Keypad?

Follow these instructions if you are in one of our study rooms without a keypad and the monitor only has a VGA cable attached.

  1. Turn the monitor on - Press the POWER button located underneath the monitor (you may have to reach far behind the monitor).
  2. Plug your computer in using the VGA cable at the table - if your computer has a VGA port, plug the VGA cable in. If not, check with the Information Desk on the 1st floor to see if there is an adapter for checkout. 
  3. Adjust the input if necessary - press the input button (next to the POWER button) until the screen appears. You may have to cycle through a number of channels. 

No video or audio?

Troubleshooting the Monitor

No Video?

  • Make sure the monitor is powered on. The ON button on the wall-mounted keypad should be red and the monitor should have a green power light on. If no keypad is in the room, the monitor's ON button is located underneath the monitor. 
  • If there is a wall-mounted keypad, press the HDMI button to make sure it’s selected (the red light should be on).
  • Make sure the adapter or cable is firmly plugged in to your computer. If using the VGA cable or dongle, make sure they are plugged together properly. 
  • If there is no keypad, make sure you press the INPUT button on the monitor to cycle through input channels. 
  • Check your computer’s settings to ensure it’s sending a signal to the external monitor.

No Audio?

  • Confirm the content on your computer has accompanying audio.
  • Check your computer’s volume setting.
  • Some older laptops may need to have audio set to use the HDMI output.
  • If there is a keypad and there is still no audio, press (do not hold) the Volume UP button on the wall-mounted keypad (or turn the volume knob) until you hear sound.