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Use Equipment in Cabell's Study Rooms

Reserve a Study Room

Use our reservation system to reserve a room for up to 2 hours, and check out our floor maps to see where the study rooms are located.

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Study Room Cables

Many of our study rooms contain different types of cables to display your laptop screen on the monitor. Review these cable types in order to determine with which cables your computer is compatible. Next, review the chart below to make sure you are reserving a study room that contains that same cable. 

Which Study Room Has the Tech I Need?

   To accommodate different needs, some study rooms contain more technology and cable options than others. When reserving a room,  make sure to view our reservation page, and click on any room number to see exactly what technology and cables can be found in the room. You can also view a chart of technology availability by clicking the links below:








NOTE: If reserving the single occupancy rooms 400A - 400H or double occupancy rooms 400I - 400K, there is no study room technology present or power outlets. These spaces simply provide enclosed privacy and quiet.