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Use Equipment in Cabell's Study Rooms

Reserve a Study Room

Use our reservation system to reserve a room for up to 2 hours, and check out our floor maps to see where the study rooms are located.

Ask Us

Which study rooms have the equipment I need?

Many of our study rooms include monitors with an HDMI cable to connect to your laptop. If your laptop does not have an HDMI output, you can visit the Information Desk on the first floor to borrow an adapter. You can also borrow a dry-erase marker for rooms that include a whiteboard.

Use the chart below to find out which study rooms contain monitors and/or dry-erase boards. 

When reserving a room, click on any room number to see exactly what equipment can be found in the room. You can also view a chart of available equipment in the boxes below.

First Floor

Room User Capacity Monitor Speakers White Board
140 4 No No Yes
141 4 No No Yes
142 4 No No Yes
143 4 No No Yes
144 4 No No Yes
145 4 No No Yes
146 4 No No Yes
147 4 No No Yes
152 6 Yes No Yes
154 4 No No Yes
155 4 No No Yes
156 4 No No Yes
157 10 Yes Yes Yes

Second Floor

Room User Capacity Monitor Speakers White Board
201a 6 Yes No No
201b 5 Yes Yes Yes
201c 6 Yes No No
201d 5 Yes Yes Yes
201e 10 Yes No Yes
220c 5 Yes No Yes
220d 5 Yes Yes Yes
220e 4 Yes Yes Yes
220f 8 Yes No Yes
220g 5 Yes Yes Yes
220h 6 Yes No Yes
220i 4 No No Yes
240a 6 Yes No Yes
240b 8 Yes Yes Yes
240c 8 Yes No Yes
240d 6 Yes Yes Yes
240e 12 Yes No Yes
240f 6 Yes Yes No
240g 8 Yes No Yes

Third Floor

Room User Capacity Monitor Speakers White Board
301a 6 Yes No Yes
301b 5 Yes No Yes
301c 8 Yes No Yes
301d 6 Yes No Yes
301e 4 Yes No Yes
301f 4 Yes No Yes
308 8 Yes Yes Yes
309 6 Yes No Yes
318 4 Yes No No
320 4 Yes No No
322 3 Yes No Yes
324 4 Yes No Yes

Fourth Floor

NOTE: If reserving the single occupancy rooms 400A - 400H or double occupancy rooms 400I - 400K, there is no study room technology present or power outlets. These spaces simply provide enclosed privacy and quiet. 

Room User Capacity Monitor Speakers White Board
404 12 Yes Yes Yes
410 6 Yes No Yes
411 6 Yes No Yes
426 14 Yes No Yes
427 10 Yes No Yes
428 6 Yes No No
429 5 Yes No Yes
430 5 Yes No Yes
431 9 Yes No Yes
433 4 Yes No Yes
435 6 Yes No No
437 4 Yes No No