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AHLP 890 Dissertation Seminar

This is a companion research guide for the ALHP 890 Dissertation Seminar. Students can find library materials listed here that correspond to the learning modules in Blackboard.


Contact the following librarians for assistance:

Talicia Tarver

Talicia Tarver, Research and Education Librarian



Nina Exner

Nina Exner, Data Management Librarian




VCU Libraries provides a number of resources on conducting a health sciences literature review. This page curates some of those resources to help you with this stage of your research.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with your liaison librarian should you need help creating, checking, and refining your search strategy.

The Literature Search Process

The following video series provides a step-by-step guide on creating an intensive search strategy. After viewing the videos in the order listed, take the self-assessment provided in the Module 2 folder in Canvas. 

If prompted, use your VCU eID and password to watch these videos. Captions can be made available upon request. 

Relevant Guides