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CLED 600: Professional Orientation & Ethical Practice in Counseling

Additional Databases and Ejournals

Select Counselor Education (CLED) in the Program Areas section for additional databases and e-journals that may be of help for this class.

School of Education Students

Work in Progress: This section is in the process of being moved from Blackboard to Canvas. Thanks for you patience and understanding.

To self-enroll:

  1. Open Blackboard
  2. Log into your Blackboard account
  3. Select the Courses tab
  4. Type one of the course names above into the "Course Search" box, e.g. education master, education doctoral, and select "Go"
  5. Hover over the course name and click on the chevron [Menu Options:Course ID] and then on ENROLL
  6. On the Self Enrollment page, select SUBMIT