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Gaming/Viewing Room

This room, located in The Workshop, is available for VCU students, faculty and staff for gaming and viewing. Checkout the key and gaming console accessories at the Innovative Media service desk. The room seats up to 6 people and may be reserved online in advance.

Equipment including...
TV, Blu-ray, DVD Player, 3-D Glasses, Playstation 2, 3 & 4, Xbox One & 360 & Nintendo Wii U.

Creative Tutorial Database

DVD's and Other Film Formats

What: DVD's, Blu-Ray's, videos, and 16mm films 

Where: Request from the 1st floor Information Services Desk

Find: VCU Libraries Search allows you to search for items by title or keyword, then filter your results by Material Type

Video designed by Haitham Almayman from the Noun Project

Video Games

What: Learn more about the growing collection which includes titles like BioShock,Okami and Journey.

Where: Request from the service desk in The Workshop. Play games in the Multimedia Viewing/Gaming Room

Video Game Controller designed by Mani Amini from the Noun Project

CD's and Other Audio Formats

What: CD's, LP's and Streaming Audio.

Where: Request from the 1st floor Information Services Desk

Find: Within VCU Libraries Search Advanced Search, you can refine your Material Type to Audio Visual,
then limit to Audio Recordings, Audio CD, Phonograph Records or Online Audio.‚Äč

SpeakerCreated by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project