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FASH 130: The Meaning of Dress

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Fashion History Timeline

Recommended Books

Meanings of Clothing Cues in Social Context

Research Tips

  1. When browsing for books in VCU Libraries Search, filter results by:
    1. Publication Date e.g. within 5-10 years for currency
    2. Subject e.g.
      1.   Fashion -- Psychological aspects
      2.   Clothing & dress -- Psychological aspects
      3.   Clothing & dress -- Symbolic aspects
      4.   Beauty culture -- Social aspects
      5.   Beauty, Personal -- Social aspects
  2. When Browsing for Print Books at Cabell Library, look for:
    1. The GT 500-2370 call number range (1st Floor)
      1.     Costume and fashion history, social customs, psychology, etc

Annotated Bibliography