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Film adaptations is the term used for the process or works adapted from literature or music.

The following subject terms can identify adaption resources within VCU Libraries collections.

  • Film Adaptations
  • Drama -- Film and Video Adaptations
  • English Literature -- Film Adaptations
  • Authors name -- Film and Video Adaptations
    • i.e. Shapespeare, William -- Film and Video Adaptations

The following web resources list the literary source of films:

  • Internet Movie Database:  Film entry Writer section (just below the film description) includes the source writer and title.  A name search of a writer displays a biographical, quotes, trivia, and filmography. 
  • BFI Film & TV Database.  Film credits lists the writer of the literary source.  Search a writer for a list of film credits (noting names of works if different than film title) and films about the writer.  Also, the British Film Institute site has essays about film adaptation and prominate British author's works on film.
  • AFI Catalog.  Film entries list the Source Text and Authors. Author link displays a list of films based on author's works.

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