GDES 220: Design Practices

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  • Graphic & commercial art

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GDES 220 Assignment

Develop a catalogue that functions as a flexible archive in order to analyze and develop new forms of interpretation. This project challenges you to begin to use the process of collecting as a way of researching; to understand the process of archiving, and the archive itself; to use an archive to translate form into new language; and most importantly to look closer. Students are challenged to source a large array of material/media to create a database that functions as a flexible archive in order to analyze and experiment with conditional organizational structures.

The project is divided into three distinct phases: Cataloguing, Translation, and Synthesis. Each phase of the project includes an introduction, studio time, and process critiques.

  • Cataloguing - DESIGNER AS ARCHIVER
  • Translation - DESIGNER AS EDITOR

Creative Research for Graphic Design

Art/Design + Archives

Art/Design + Curation

Art/Design + Editing/Criticism