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Introduction to Genomic Databases Workshop Series

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During the GDC Workshop we will go over some background related to TCGA data and the GDC, as well as the structure and location of resources for the GDC, including community resources such as FireBrowse.  There is a lot to cover with the GDC and TCGA, so we will not get to it all.  Please visit the GDC Data Portal (see link in next section) and poke around if you have not already.  This will help you find your bearings during the presentation.

There will be a hands-on assignment that will be completed during the workshop, and will include exercises about navigating the GDC, exporting data, and running an analysis using the GDC Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration (DAVE) Tools.

Links to the assignment and the presentation slides will appear in the left side bar the week of the workshop.

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