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Browzine is a new way to browse, read, monitor and organize scholarly journals on your iPad or Android tablet. It can also alert you when new issues of journals are published. 

Get Alerted to New Publications

A great way to keep up with new developments in your research topic (your thesis, dissertation - build that lit review) is to save your search as an alert.  Once you've found some good publications, your search will run again on its own and send new results when they appear to your email (or you can often choose RSS). To sign up for alerts you need to use the personalization feature of the database.  Sign up is free, and doesn't have to be linked to your eID and password. 

If you want to follow new articles from your favorite journals, most journals have a similar feature for table of contents alerts. If it doesn't, you can still use a database search for the journal's title and set an alert to see when new articles from that journal appear in the database. 

The sign up/in link is usually found in the upper right corner of the database or journal window. Here are links to instructions for some of VCU Libraries' most-used database platforms.


Instead of going to many different resources all the time, you can have information delivered directly to you. You can subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds from journals, news sites, or blogs that use the technology.  Instead of you going to many sites to see what's new on each one, your RSS reader gathers the newest headlines from many sites all in one place. You can use the headlines to decide which sites have new material that you want to see.

Different newsreaders have different "looks" and "feels," in everything from their interface to how they let you know about new content arriving.  Some store your feeds in the cloud, and you can access them by logging in via a Web site or app. Others store the RSS data in your browser, where you can see the information without having to login.