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Checking your References

 About Citing Sources

  • Different fields of study and different scientific journals have different citation styles. If you are a student or researcher  in a cross-disciplinary field, you may need to learn multiple styles, including APA, AMA, or others. 
  • Regardless of the citation style required, cite sources differentiate information that came from another source and information that comes directly from you, to avoid plagiarism.
  • In scientific writing, quotations are unusual, so authors must accurately summarize or describe information obtained from another source. See the page on Organizing Sources for details about how to simplify this process.

General Check for Any Citation Style

  • Did you cite everything, including figures and images, that you did not create?
  • Is everything cited in your text included in the Literature Cited or References list?
  • Is everything listed in the Literature Cited or References list cited somewhere in your text?
  • Does every citation include complete information?
  • Are all of your citations formatted the same way?

AMA Citation Style

Authoritative Information on Citing in AMA Style

AMA Manual of Style. 10th edition.

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Cabell Library Reference R119 .A533 2007

The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers