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MGMT 434: Strategic Management (Coombes)

Select a Company

We have resources to help you find a publicly traded, U.S.-based company (not a Fortune 500 Company) or at least to confirm that if you already have a company in mind. You will have to consider some criteria that may help you narrow you list including:

  • Company Location
    Think country to zip code and everything in between.
  • Company Information
    This can be a mix of information, but should include ownership type (like Public).
  • Industry
    You can try keyword searches but it helps if you have a NAICS code in mind. Don't worry if you aren't sure what that is, you can always browse.
  • Company Size
    This can mean sales or numner of employees.
  • Anything else that interests you might be possible. Check the available options and you can always use keywords.

Company Analysis

These resources won't analyze the company for you, but they will help you gather the information you need so you can focus on the analysis. You will most likely have to search more than one source because they all focus on different areas.

Industry Analysis

These resources cover a lot of industries (including the ones for your companies), so there are a lot of reports to browse. I suggest starting with a search using the name of the company to find the right report.