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How to Find Ebooks

The best way to find ebooks is to start with the VCU Libraries website at Using the VCU Libraries website to search for ebooks -- instead of searching each individual ebook platform -- is generally recommended so that you can see what's available across a variety of platforms.

To start, type your search into the yellow bar and click Search. NOTE: If you are searching for a title, searching for a partial title (e.g. leaving out the subheading) can sometimes be helpful. 

Entering terms into the yellow search bar

If you are on the Health Sciences Library's website, make sure you switch "PubMed" to "VCU Libraries" to search the website.

To find E-Books from the Tompkins-McCaw Library's website, switch PubMed to VCU Libraries in the yellow search bar.

On the right-hand side of your results page, filter by Material Type (Books) and Show Only (Access Online). You may also want to filter by Publication Date.

You should now be able to view ebooks available to you through VCU Libraries across various platforms.