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Not @ VCU

If you can't find the book that you want at VCU, try these resources to find what you need.

Exploring New Reads On the Web

These resources will help you find authors or books you don't know about, as well as explore new genres. None of them are configured to work with Get It @ VCU, so you will have to copy titles, authors, etc. to the VCU Libraries Search to see if we have a copy. If we do not have what you want, there are methods for locating your book in the box to the left.

Fellow Readers

One of the best ways to get recommendations for things to read is by meeting and interacting with other readers! There are various ways to do that, here at VCU and further afield.

Little Free Libraries

Another way to find things to read is to search in free libraries. Some coffee shops or other businesses may have a shelf or book case operating on this model. Occasionally these libraries or shelves may be found within public or private libraries, but more often not

A well known type of free library is the Little Free Library. Many exist in the Richmond area, and around the world, and can be found via their library map. Here is a sample photo of what such libraries look like:

picture of little free libraryPicture courtesy Jwh at Wikipedia Luxembourg, CC BY-SA 3.0 lu,