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Services for UNIV Classes

Information about the services the library provides for UNIV classes.

Options for UNIV 111 Classes

In UNIV 111, we help students understand the basics about academic libraries, and how they differ from experiences they may have had in high school or at public libraries.

The information fluency learning outcomes for UNIV 111 focus more on identifying service points in the library, and less on academic research. For this reason, we do not offer library instruction for UNIV 111 classes.

At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, we offer tours open to the entire VCU community at set times and dates (the days and times are listed on the library events calendar). UNIV 111 students who attend can receive an attendance slip for their participation for faculty who wish to require their attendance.  

Additionally, we offer a mobile tour for your students. Students should use a tablet or smartphone and go to this link: Students are emailed a copy of their responses to tour questions, which they can forward to you as proof of attendance. You might consider asking them to write a short summary of what they learned while taking the tour as proof that they completed the tour.

Another tool you might find useful is our VCU Libraries Search Interactive Tutorial, which will guide students through various aspects of the VCU Libraries Search (aka "the gold box"). The entire tutorial takes about 20 minutes to complete. 

Finally, consider asking your students to watch Searching in the VCU Libraries, parts 1 & 2. These short videos cover basic tips for using the VCU Libraries Search.

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