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Services for UNIV Classes

Information about the services the library provides for UNIV classes.

What is the Designated Librarian Program?

The Designated Librarian Program is a model for communication between the Student Success librarians and the Department of Focused Inquiry faculty and adjuncts. Each librarian will be assigned a number of faculty members/adjuncts whom they will be in direct contact with over the course of the semester, reminding them of library services and offering to teach library sessions for UNIV 200 classes.

What are the goals of the program?

  • To deepen relationships between FI faculty members and Student Success librarians.
  • To balance workload for Student Success librarians
  • To provide high quality, personalized research, teaching, and reference services to the Department of Focused Inquiry
  • To diversify the types of services Student success provides for the Department of Focused Inquiry

How are librarians and FI faculty/adjuncts paired up?

  • Most faculty members will find that their Designated Librarian is someone they've worked with (possibly many times) before. As per the first goal of this program, listed above, we want to deepen relationships and so we have tried to keep faculty members paired with librarians they have enjoyed working with.
  • In some cases though, especially with new faculty members and adjuncts, the pairing is made based on the workload of the librarians so that no single librarian has a surfeit or lack of faculty/adjuncts to work with.

Questions, concerns, or feedback about this program?

  • Don't hesitate to email Jenny Stout at or Megan Hodge (Head, Student Success) at
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