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SLWK 706/707 - Research for Clinical Social Work Practice I and II

Data Searching for Secondary Data Analysis - Nina Exner (2020)

It can be surprisingly hard to find data for a specific research question. This session will introduce tools and concepts for more effective data searching, for students who are new to secondary analysis.

Secondary Data Search and Retrieval: Sources, Exports, and Imports - Nina Exner (2021)

This session will address secondary analysis steps between operationalizing the constructs and running the analysis. We will discuss extracting a dataset, finding the data and codebook in the data package, and uploading to App2Go.

A Date with Data from ICPSR - Nina Exner (2018)

Learn how to use ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) to find real research data for secondary analysis for your course paper, thesis, article or classroom. This overview will

  • Introduce you to the vast range of regional, national and international datasets, data series and thematic collections available from ICPSR.
  • Demonstrate their relevance to disciplines and programs throughout the university.
  • Highlight tools available for data planning, data management and data processing.
  • Introduce data-driven learning guides designed to reinforce key concepts in the social sciences.

Review - variables and hypotheses

If you want a refresher on how variables relate to hypotheses, watch this. If you're good on how to build a hypothesis from variables, then skip this and try video #2 for more on searching datasets.

Finding and Using Secondary Data

In this tutorial, Nina Exner, Research Data Librarian, discusses finding datasets for your research interests.

SLWK 706: Demonstrating Secondary Data Analysis

In this tutorial, Nina Exner, Research Data Librarian, briefly demonstrates the process involved at the beginning of conducting secondary data analysis.