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Study Abroad

Research Help While Abroad

Even when you're abroad, VCU librarians can help you get the information you need.  We can work with you online through various means - email, instant messaging, even video conferencing.  Just do what works best for you.  Use the Ask Us box to the left to send us an instant message or a text message.

Don't forget that you can still do research on your own use all of VCU Libraries Online tools - the VCU Libraries Search, discipline-oriented research guides, and more.



Using VCU Libraries While You're Abroad

You can still use VCU Libraries resources in much the same way you would if you were in Richmond.  If you have any questions or concerns about the services available to you while you're abroad, feel free to contact us at


Access Books and Articles

You can search VCU Libraries' article databases in order to access full-text articles and ebooks. You'll just be prompted to enter your eID and password. Remember to link from the library website/database list so you'll be recognized as a member of the VCU community. For example, if you try to access JSTOR by going directly to from off-campus, you may not be able to get in. If you get there by selecting JSTOR from the library's database list, though, you'll be connected to all of VCU's JSTOR content. If you have trouble, contact us and we will help you get the information you need.

Use Interlibrary Loan

We'll also send you free scans of book chapters or articles that aren't online. All you need to do to is to create an account in ILLiad (VCU Libraries Interlibrary Loan system) and include your overseas address. When you submit your request, just indicate in the "notes" field that you're a student/research studying away from VCU. There may be a chance that Interlibrary Loan can also connect you with local libraries that can provide you your materials. Learn all you need to know about the Interlibrary Loan system.

Technical Issues?

Normally, students overseas should be able to enjoy accessing our materials, but sometimes technical issues can arise. Certain areas such as military bases or countries with heightened online restrictions can cause frequent technical issues.  If you ever have trouble accessing materials, contact us and we can help! The most common technical issues for oversea students are: 

  • A broken link on the library website
  • Our search system says an article is available online at no cost but you meet a paywall. 
  • A database is not playing media
  • Your country of study is restricting our virtual private network (VPN) which allows access to our databases

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