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History Keywords

 Research 19th & 20th-century Western history using keywords used to refer to certain periods:

1837-1901 -- Victorian Era

1844-1877 -- The Civil War Era

1864-1898 -- The Gilded Age

1901-1910 -- Edwardian Era

1914-1918 -- World War I Era

1920-1929 -- Roaring 20s

1920-1939 -- Jazz Age

1939-1945 -- World War II Era

1954-1968 -- Civil Rights Movement

Dramaturgy Research Resources

 Learn about the history of a play's setting

Learn about current events, and how they provide context for staging a play now

Find archival primary source documents and images for reference:

Read reviews of theatrical productions

Dramaturgy Books

Dramaturgy: WTF? An introduction to Dramaturgy and the Theatre Dramaturg