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IDES 623: Advanced Design Studies

Bloomsbury Design Library

Data & Statistics Resources

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  • Create thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business, and marketing data. Allows you to access data by geography, so you can focus on a state, Congressional District, county, ZIP Code, census tract, and census block-group.
  • Use Claritas Market Segments within SimplyAnalytics to identify the social and behavioral lifestyles of people in a specific geographical location.
  • Tip: Create an account to save your information.

Top Interior Design Databases

Use these art and design databases to search for scholarly articles and essays on Interior Design topics.

IDES Database Research Tips

Combine the Avery Index and DAAI databases to search for articles on interior design in both together!


  1. Start with one database e.g. Avery Index
  2. Select 'change databases'
  3. Select the other database e.g. DAAI, then 'Use selected databases'
  4. Search!

Combine Art Full Text with other EBSCO databases for a customized design / inter-disciplinary search!

  1. Start with Art Full Text
  2. Select 'Choose Databases' above the search boxes 
  3. Select other relevant databases (see screenshots below)
  4. Search!

Some databases of interest:

  • Education: ERIC, Education Research Complete, Child Development & Adolescent Studies
  • Hospitality: Hospitality & Tourism Complete
  • Healthcare: Health Source, CINAHL
  • Sustainability: GreenFILE, Environment Complete

Resources Beyond VCU Libraries

If you can't find the book, article, or dissertation that you want at VCU, try these resources to find what you need.