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PSYC 494 Kliewer Research Team

Reviewing the Literature

The quality of your research question is based upon the quality and relevance of the literature you locate. This guide will help you search using the powerful tools available in core research databases like PubMed, PsycINFO, and Web of Science.

The handouts below demonstrate many searches that are relevant to:

  • Project HEART
  • The Myanmar Youth Health Study
  • Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Tobacco Project
  • Dating and Health Study
  • Project CARE
  • Project COPE

Core Databases

Searching Pubmed

Searching PsycINFO

Gaps in the literature?

How to you find gaps in the literature? Search for:

  • Empirical research articles: Look for sections where authors point readers to areas which need future examination. These sections have various titles like:
    • Suggestions for Future Research
    • Limitations and Implications
    • Conclusions
  • Literature reviews (narrative reviews)
  • Systematic reviews
  • Meta-analyses
    • These papers delve deep into the literature, summarize previous research findings, and examine the trends and changes over a long period of time in a research area.
  • Recent Dissertations