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Comic Arts

How to use the Comic Arts Collection for research.

Just Ask!

If you're looking for an obscure comic or a specific writer/artist or just want a recommendation, please feel free to just ask for help at the service desk.

Finding Comic Books

The VCU Libraries' Comic Arts Collection features thousands of comic books, graphic novels and comic strip collections.

The collection is as rich as it is diverse in scope, featuring long runs of popular titles like Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Hellboy, Sandman, X-Men, 100 Bullets, Incredible Hulk, and Fables.  Small and alternative press comics are represented by the likes of Adhouse Books, Slave Labor Graphics, Boom Studios, and Dynamite Comics.  Within the past few years, donors have given more than 1,000 pieces of manga to the collection, ranging from popular titles like One Piece and Fruits Basket to classics like Astro Boy and Lone Wolf and Cub.  The collection also features a underground comix with a special emphasis on the works of R. Crumb.  Collections of popular newspaper strips include Terry & the Pirates, Calvin & Hobbes, Little Orphan Annie, Peanuts, and For Better or For Worse.

Graphic novels and comic arts reference materials are searchable through a title or author search in the library catalog.  Comic book titles are available via the Comic Book Index link.

Guidelines for using the comic book collection

  • No more than three issues per request
  • The patron will need to supply the title, issue number and date for the items requested
  • If the comic is very old, fragile, or otherwise compromised, you may be asked to wear gloves or offered a reasonable subsititute 
  • Digital copies are permissible if items are in good condition
  • Staff members will make copies of any old or fragile items