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Search Strategies

The following are a few tips to help you start the search process for quality research. For a more in-depth look at searching strategies, consult the video tutorials:

  • Identify the key concepts you are searching for and use them as keywords
  • Try a keyword search to become familiar with the way the database will display your results
  • Find the database's authorized subject terms -- searching with these can help focus your search more quickly
  • Use Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT)  to combine concepts in your research question
  • Use the limits available in the database to refine your results by publication year, publication language, etc.
  • The best search takes time to develop -- email me to help you find ways to make your search more efficient

After watching the following videos you should understand the basic rules of searching and how to incorporate them into your search. 

Business Organization Databases

These databases are mainly focused on Business Management and Administration.  To find health related materials, it is important to integrate "health" into your search procedure.

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