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Why create a dissemination plan?

There are a number of reasons to create a dissemination plan:

  • Applying for a grant and need a research guide? Dissemination plans are required in many grants.

  • Wanting to share your process or findings with and beyond the academic community.

  • Connecting with others who share key areas of research interest and those who may enhance your research by providing new ideas.

  • Enhancing usability of research by other researchers as well as end users.

  • Sharing research with the public as a part of our mission as a public research university.

  • Developing and a disseminating a body of work that creates depth in the field, facilitates tenor, allows faculty to be expert source of research area.

Dissemination planning can help expand your thinking about what research you share, how you share it, and who you share it with. Planning can also help expand access to your research, and ultimately, increase its impact.