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Create a Research Dissemination Plan

Guide Background

This guide was developed by the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Dissemination of Research Findings Using Web-Based Platforms. Offered in the 2015-16 academic year, the members explored various web-based dissemination methods, created and implemented their dissemination plans. This guide is a reflection of the lessons learned and resources that were accessed to inform their learning and plans.

The FLC was grounded in a community-engaged approach to research, a valuable framework that enables researchers to produce results that can be directly translated to improved outcomes. Combining this framework with the affordances of web-based technologies allows those who can benefit from research and researchers themselves to engage in critical conversations and to share information in a way that can be meaningful and impact the well-being of our communities.


Amy Adkins

Instructor, College Behavioral and Emotional Health, College of Humanities and Sciences

Jon Becker

Director, ALT Lab, Office of the Provost

Jason Coats

Assistant Professor, Focused Inquiry, University College


Jennifer Early

Strategic Project Manager and Research Associate, Division of Community Engagement

Trish Edinboro

Research Associate, Health Administration, School of Allied Health Professions


Valerie Holton

Director of Community Engaged Research, Division of Community Engagement, Office of the Provost


Faisal Ilyas

Research Assistant, IT Specialist, Social Media Manager, Social Network Analyst, RedCap Manager, Division of Epidemiology, School of Medicine

Hillary Miller

Scholarly Communications Outreach Librarian, VCU Libraries

Kate Schifano

Community Health Educator, Massey Cancer Center

Adai Tefera

Assistant Professor, School of Education

Alex Wagaman

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Sponsored by the Division of Community Engagement and VCU AltLab