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Dissemination Plan Examples

The Community Voice: A Photovoice Project Identifying Barriers and Facilitators to Health and Health Care

Patricia Carcaise-Edinboro, PhD

VCU Health Administration

The Community Voice is an interdisciplinary photovoice project involving students and faculty from the VCU Departments of Health Administration, Art Education, and Social and Behavioral Health, VCUHS administrators from the Virginia Coordinated Care program, and Hands Up Ministries, a nonprofit focused on addressing poverty in the city and providing affordable housing. In our project, members of a community on the Northside of Richmond provided their time and talents to express via photography the challenges they encounter in living a healthy life and accessing health care services in their community. 

photovoiceRVA Project Website


Spit for Science

Amy Adkins, PhD

College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute

Spit for Science is a longitudinal, VCU-wide research project that aims to understand how genes and the environment come together to influence substance use and emotional health. Launched in Fall 2011, the project has enrolled four cohorts of freshman (Fall 2011- Fall 2014) and has over 9800 participants. In the fall of their freshman year, students are invited to take an online survey querying their emotional and behavioral health, personality, family and peers, and other environmental variables. Participants also have the option to donate a DNA sample. After a student is enrolled in the project, the student is sent an optional follow-up survey each spring.  Given the large number of participants, and rich phenotypic data, we are eager to disseminate the data and project findings in an engaging, innovative manner.

Spit for Science Project Website


The 7th District Health & Wellness Survey​

Faisal Ilyas

Division of Epidemiology, VCU School of Medicine

The Seventh District Health and Wellness Survey is a project focused on conducting a needs assessment and collecting measures of health behaviors from 1000 East End residents to strengthen and inform organizations working to promote health in the community. Survey team members include East End resident recruiters, resident and non-resident survey administrators, VCU faculty and students, community organization representatives including the East District Family Resource Center and other members of the Seventh District Health and Wellness Initiative (HWI). The HWI is an existing collaborative partnership between residents, community organizations focused on health and wellness, elected officials, and health care providers.

The 7th District Health & Wellness Survey Project Website