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Grants and Funds in Health Sciences

In this guide you will find some helpful resources for identifying funding sources, utilizing VCU resources, and crafting an effective proposal.

Search for Funding Opportunities


Search for funding opportunities and collaborators. Pivot combines the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities worth an estimated $44 billion with a unique database of 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles.


Federal Funding Sources logo, navy blue background 3 swoops:yellow, orange, red, next to white text:, below it says find. apply. succeed. which is trademarked. has information about all federally supported funding opportunities and general information about the federal grant process.

light blue icon that looks like a building, next to the words federal reporter

Search for funded projects across federal agencies, including NSF, DOD, FDA, HHS, EPA, NIH, and more. This database is not comprehensive but offers a good starting point.

NIH logo, gray arrow that says NIH pointing to "National Institutes of Health" with the subtitle "Turning discovery into health"

The National Institutes of Health are major funders of basic science research. Begin here to see the mission of the NIH, find links to its institutes, and learn about current NIH news.

NSF logo of a globe with white text "NSF" surrounded by yellow star burst, next to the text "national science foundation" with the subtitle "where discoveries begin"

The National Science Foundation is another major funder of basic science research and education initiatives for basic scientists.