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IDES 251: History of Interior Environments

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What'd We Miss?

IDES 251 FINAL PROJECT: What'd We Miss? 

Choose a building from the ancient world up to 1850 from a Place/Region NOT discussed in class!

Create a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation and include the following information:

1. Your name, the name of the building that you have researched, the location, the culture who produced it, and the approximate year of construction

2. Provide context:

  • Provide context about why this was built, by whom, and for whom? Was this structure typical of the culture and period in which it was built - in terms of overall style, design process, etc? What materials were used? Were those significant to the culture? 

  • Create a timeline feature that highlights what else was being built in the world at this time. Consider what other inventions or important events were happening. Explain how this building corresponds to the global design history narrative of this course. 

  • Bibliography of at least 3 sources (excluding Wikipedia) using APA style format.

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