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Kinetic Imaging

The Workshop

  • Scanning
    Scan images, slides, negatives, transparencies and text.
  • Audio
    Capture from phonograph, cassette, digital audiotape, scanner and other formats.
  • Video
    Capture from VHS, Hi-8, DV Tape, DVD, camcorder and other formats. Export as analog or digital video, save as digital video files or burn to DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Equipment for Loan including...
    Digital Cameras
    Audio Recorders
    Green Screen & Lights
  • Software including...
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Apple Final Cut X
    Sound Forge
  • Maker Space including...
    3D Printers
    Laser cutter/engraver
    Laser scanner
    Sewing Machines
  • Video Studio including...
    4K cameras
    Green screen
  • Audio Studio including...
  • Viewing / Gaming Room including...
    Gaming consoles
    VR headsets

Creative Tutorials

DVD's and Other Film Formats

What: DVD's, Blu-Ray's, 16mm films and streaming video

Where: Request physical formats from the 1st floor Information Services Desk
             Find streaming video on the Film Studies Research Guide.

Find: Search in VCU Libraries, then limit your results by Material Type = Videos, Online Videos, DVDs,
          Blu-Ray DVDs, Videocassettes or Film Reels.

CD's and Other Audio Formats

What: CD's, LP's and Streaming Audio.

Where: Request physical formats from the 1st floor Information Services Desk.
             Find streaming audio on the Music Research Guide

Find: Search in VCU Libraries, then limit your results by Material Type =  Audio Recordings, Online Audio,
          Audio CD, Ausiocasettes or Phonograph Records.

Video Games

What: Learn more about the growing collection which includes titles like BioShock, Okami and Journey. 
Browse the collection in VCUL Search by typing in video games and limiting the results to material

Where: Request from the Information Desk in the Workshop. Play games in the Viewing/Gaming Room.

Multimedia Studios

The Workshop is home to 3 multimedia studios:

Viewing/Gaming Room

Play, create or edit 2D, virtual and mixed reality games, environments and content. Reserve the gaming studio in advance. Check out gaming console accessories at desk. The room holds up to 6 people.

Equipment including...
TV, Blu-ray, DVD Player, 3-D Glasses, VR Headsets, Playstation 2, 3 & 4, Xbox One & 360 & Nintendo Wii U.


Video Studio

Shoot and edit high quality videos in a high-end production studio, outfitted with two 4K cameras, a variety of backdrops, a lighting grid and sound board. Become an authorized user and reserve the video studio in advance.

Equipment including...
4K Camcorders, Audio Mixer Dolly, Light grid, Audio Mixer, Backdrops & Microphones.


Audio Studio

Record, edit and mix sounds using sophisticated microphones, software, and keyboard. Become an authorized user and reserve the audio studio in advance.

Equipment including...
Avid Artist Control, Synthesizer, Keyboard, Moog Theremin and Microphones.