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Use these call numbers to browse for books at the Cabell Library:

M1-5000 -- Music

ML3800-3923 -- Philosophical and societal aspects of music.

                                 Physics and acoustics of music.

                                 Physiological aspects of music

NX650 -- Sonic Art

QC225 -- Acoustics and physics of music

TA365 -- Acoustical engineering

TK7881.4-.9 -- Sound systems. Sound recording. Sound reproduction

Sound Recommended Readings

Stock Sound/Music Resources

Many podcasts include music at the beginning and end, as well as during transitions. Music can also be added into the background of a noisy interview clip to mask the noise.

Royalty free music allows you to purchase a license for a piece of music that entitles you to use it for the duration of the license.

For free music, search for creative commons licensed music, which generally allow you to use a piece of music for free and without permission, as long as you credit the artist. Some creative commons licensed music is restricted to non-commercial uses. Always make sure you have permission to use a piece of music. You can also search for music that is in the public domain, in which the copyright has expired. Websites to browse through include:

Sound Effects
Free Sound A collaborative database of CC-licensed sound. Freesound focusses on sound and sound effects, not music Non-profit digital library with collections of digitized free movies, music, images, websites and more
BBC Sound Effects Archive Over 33,000 clips from across the world from the past 100 years. Free for non-commercial use as long as you credit the BBC.
Sound Effects CDs The Workshop has a royalty-free sound effects library of more than 250 CDs (with searchable indexes) that can be used to add sounds to audiovisual projects.  
Free Music Archive CC-licensed music grouped by genre  | 
ccMixter CC-licensed music for film, video and games  | 
CCTrax CC-licensed music grouped by genre  | 
Incompetech CC-licensed and royalty-free music from one composer  | 
Soundcloud Audio-sharing site with a decent amount of CC-licensed music  | 
mobygratis Electronic musician Moby has released many of his songs to use for free in educational projects  | 

If you have a musical friend, consider asking them if you can use their music or if they’d like to partner with you to create sounds specifically for your project.