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Kinetic Imaging

Welcome to the Kinetic Imaging guide!

This guide provides an overview of tools and basic strategies for conducting library research in Kinetic Imaging
including Animation, Sound , Video and New Media.

Kinetic Imaging Faculty Recommended Readings

Streaming Media @ VCU LIbraries

The Streaming Media @ VCU Libraries Guide provides an overview of the many streaming platforms that VCU subscribes to and purchases licenses from. With this guide, you will learn:

  • The types of film and video, film studios, and production companies featured on each streaming platform
  • How to browse and search in each streaming platform
  • How to request streaming films from VCU Libraries
  • The differences in the ways that VCU purchases content from each streaming distributor, and how to ensure that films will be available when you need them.

O'Reilly for Higher Education

Library Stack

Resources Beyond VCU Libraries

If you can't find the book, article, or dissertation that you want at VCU, try these resources to find what you need.