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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

This guide provides shortcuts to VCU Libraries resources and to websites that are useful for mechanical and nuclear engineering students and faculty, with an emphasis on resources for academic research and for design projects.


For many student and other early-stage projects, the goal is of a patent search to find out what already exists or is currently being developed. This "state-of-the art" type search typically does NOT give enough information to know if a particular idea is patentable or infringes on an existing patent, but it does give information about what has been tried already and how similar an idea is to what has been patented. 

If you're getting too many results or too many irrelevant results, you probably should narrow your search down to just inventions that are in the same category as yours. Use the Cooperative Patent Classification system to find the classification for your invention, and then narrow down your search from there. 


VCU Libraries provides some standards online directly from ASTM and IEEE. For standards that VCU Libraries does not provide access to directly, VCU students, faculty and staff can contact  Ibironke Lawal, Science and Engineering Collections Librarian,; (804) 828-8739, to get the standard for you.  Please include the name and number of the standard you are requesting. 


Standards Available Immediately

Other Standards

The tools below can be used to locate the names and numbers of standards. They can be used to help you identify the appropriate  standards, and will display the price to purchase them. 

Once you have verified you have located the appropriate standards for your need, direct your request for the standard to Ibironke Lawal, Science and Engineering Collections Librarian,; (804) 828-8739. Please include the name and number of the standard you are requesting.